Fellowship of Australian Composers

The Fellowship of Australian Composers is the representative voice of serious composers throughout Australia.
Its membership is open to all those who have proved themselves to be competent and serious composers
by having their works broadcast or recorded, or approved by a representative panel of composers.

The Fellowship has been in existence since 1959.
It was founded with the aim that composers would make more impact if they spoke as a united group rather than as individuals.

The Fellowship plays an important part in all matters concerning Australian composition,
supporting and acting for composers in such practical ways as copyright, commissioning fees, contracts, quotas of Australian music on the radio,
lobbying, promotion of members works, CD projects of Australian music, advisory body to performing organisations on Australian music, etc.

It has constantly drawn the attention of the government and the music industries
to the importance of Australian music to our national image, and the needs of those who write it. The FAC acts as a support group to all composers.